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At some point we all get the hiccups. Two or three hiccups might not get noticed, but continuing to hiccup often leads to your entire family getting involved in trying to stop them. How Come I Got the Hiccups? takes children, pre-school, kindergarten, and first grade along with a boy and his older sister as they try to stop the boy’s hiccups. The solutions attempted are probably typical in the United States of America.

Jennifer O’Connor

I am a published academic author.  I have written campaign literature for a national political campaign (my candidate got reelected).  I have written college newspaper articles (about a crime I was unlucky enough to witness).  And, I sometimes will wax eloquent on reviews for food or service if asked at the right moment.  But, this Children’s book is an adventure with many twists and turns.  Since we do not have the science just right, it has been a joy to revisit my childhood and how our family went about getting rid of hiccups.   

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